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14 Years of Excellence Monitoring and Evaluation Cloud Software

Subscription based Monitoring & Evaluation Software Tool

When you need a quick solution for your organization and you have no time for tender or big investment.

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  • Qatar
  • The World Bank
  • Harambee
  • UNDP
  • World Vision
  • ECLT
  • Jordan
  • Act
  • Caa
  • Care
  • ICF
  • VSO
  • Global Fund
  • AIIM Assist
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  • WWF
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  • Nepad
  • Abi Trust
  • Afroborometer
  • LSF
  • Nwasco
  • Mefmi
  • Web-Based Monitoring & Evaluation for MKCF Thailand
  • Web-Based Monitoring & Evaluation for MLC Thailand
  • Web-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System for Government of Puntland
  • Web-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System for Food for Peace Program
  • Web-Based Monitoring & Evaluation Software Tool for Mekong Institute Thailand
  • Web-Based Monitoring & Evaluation System Software Tool for Millenium Challange Corporation
  • Web-Based Monitoring & Evaluation for Palladium Group Kenya
  • Web-Based Monitoring & Evaluation Lusaka Water & Sewerage Zambia
  • Web-Based Monitoring & Evaluation Software Tool for Afrosai South Africa
  • Web-Based Monitoring & Evaluation System Software Tool for REGROW
  • Web-Based Monitoring & Evaluation for MNRT Tanzania
  • Web-Based Monitoring & Evaluation WARMA

M&E Cloud makes it easier to track activity workplan and indicator achievement

With M&E Cloud you can collect data on activity progress and M&E Plan and build a great dashboard in minutes.

icon Report Builder
icon Dynamic Dashboard
icon Fits with Any Device

Build any report, anytime!

  • When your management and donors need unique and customized reports and ad hoc data analysis, M&E Cloud allows you to build your own reports very easily.

  • M&E Cloud is simple, intuitive and dynamic with on the fly filters and strong analytical engine.


Impressive visual analysis.

  • Real time graphs, charts and traffic light panels for quick view of logframe and workplan status.

  • GIS maps for geographic representation of data.


Use it on the go.

  • M&E Cloud is accessible from tablets and mobile phones, giving you freedom to enter and access data from anywhere.

  • Simple web forms can be used by enumerators in the field to directly enter data using their tablets.

End-to-End M&E Software at Affordable Cost

Project Management

Easily add project details like start and end dates, project donors, budget for each donor, funds released, project milestones and project locations. Manage the entire project life cycle from inception through project monitoring and project progress tracking to end of project evaluations.

M&E Framework

M&E Framework module to add the Results Framework or Logical Framework for detailed tracking of impact, goals, outcomes and outputs. A project M&E Framework can be added for each project and indicators can be tracked independently as well as aggregated for combined or comparative analysis.

Activity Workplan

Add a comprehensive and configurable activity workplan with milestones and target dates, along with individual budgets for each activity and enable users to submit a detailed activity report against each activity to track the progress against the workplan and inform of key attention areas.

Budget and Expenditure

Keep track of activity budgets, funds released and expenditure amounts with options for users to report expenditures against each activity. This module enables you to visualize the burn rate and indices like expenditure to released ratio and released to budget ratio.

Dynamic Dashboard

A dynamic real time dashboard built with detailed charts and graphs, traffic lights and GIS maps with pin and polygon markers to help you quickly visualize the spread of the projects and the status of the indicators as well as activity workplan status and expenditure ratios.

Report Builder

The most powerful and flexible Report Builder engine with combination of multiple dynamic filters that can be applied to data with AND/OR operators to build custom queries easily through the graphical user interface and generate custom reports as required.

Role Based Access

System administrator can dynamically configure access level for each user, thus giving you flexibility to choose which user can access which data and features. The access can be defined independently for view, edit and delete functionality, thus making it the most powerful and dynamic role based access system.

Data Security

Enhanced security features including software firewall and database level encryption to protect the data from unauthorized access. Robust Protection against threats like SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, Eavesdropping and Phishing.

Online Helpdesk

24x7 Online Helpdesk for the users to instantly raise support tickets for their queries. The queries are answered by experienced UBS engineers who are part of the dedicated support team. Now the work will never stop as UBS support team is just a click away.

Quick Setup

M&E Cloud can be up and running in a matter of minutes. It's easy and intutive admin panel let's you add projects and users, and enter logframes and workplans in no time. Get value for your money fast.

Avoid long delays, expensive customization and increasing cost of customized packages. M&E Cloud is ready to use out of the box solution. Just sign up and start using.

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When you running against time and need professional looking reports and dashboards.

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You’re in a good hand

Many NGO around the world have already started using M&E Cloud.

The system enables us to track progress
of project indicators and milestones
on a dynamic dashboard.

For anyone interested in Online Program
Monitoring and Evaluation Systems, we
would recommend UBS for their quality and
easy to use system.

Within the system implementing partners
can report on their progress and key
performance indicators, as well as complete
their project financial reconciliations. aBi's
M&E processes are also captured in the
system with respective dashboard outputs.


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Hundreds of NGOs across 50+ Countries are already using
M&E Cloud to simplify their work.

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Your Subscription Includes
  • Full access to M&E Cloud
  • 1 Admin User (M&E Manager)
  • Single Project
  • 1 GB Storage Space
  • Online Helpdesk
  • Unlimited Reports
  • User Manual

* Yearly subscription includes one free online training session.
Customise M&E Cloud with add-ons to your subscription. Billing Period:  Monthly Add-on Services Includes
Additional Users
Additional Projects
Online Training Session

* For additional features or customization contact sales@ubsgroup.me

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M&E Cloud Subscription
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Frequently Asked Questions

Many NGO around the world have already made M&E Cloud the place where their daily job happens.

What is the process to start using M&E Cloud?

You have to follow 3 simple steps.

  1. 1. Select the plan (monthly, quarterly or annual), select number of projects, number of users and storage space
  2. 2. Make payment
  3. 3. Configure the system and add your users and projects to start using.
What if I want to increase my number of users or projects later?

You can start with as low as 1 user and 1 project if you want and increase the number of users and number of projects by going to your subscription page and making payment of add-on users or add-on projects. You can scale up and add as many projects or users as you want.

Will I get support of configuring the system?

Yes. A very easy and intuitive user manual which contains all the instructions with screenshots and images is available for download for all subscribers. For subscribers choosing the annual plan, an online training session is available for free. If you have not chosen annual plan, you can purchase online training session separately.

Is there a local partner to help me with setup?

Yes, we currently have partners in few countries to help our customers with setup and configuration. Please check the contact us page to search for a partner in your area.

Is there a trial period or trial offer?

We do not offer a trial period as we have kept the minimum subscription period very low to only one month, so you can choose to subscribe for one month and then decide if you want to continue the subscription.

Can I stop my subscription any time?

You can choose to not renew the subscription after the subscription period ends. For example, if you have chosen a monthly package, the subscription will automatically stop if you do not opt to renew the subscription.

What if my space runs out of 1 GB Storage Space?

We provide 1 GB storage space with the standard subscription as it is usually enough to contain database and files of a mid sized NGO. However if you need more space, you can request for more space through your customer portal login access and it will be made available to you at a nominal cost.

What is included in Online Training Session?

The online training session is a comprehensive 2 hour live training session delivered by the M&E Cloud trainer though web conferencing system with help of training videos, audio visual presentations and live audio question and answer session. All the doubts and questions are clarified by the M&E Cloud expert live during this training session. Online Training Session is available for free with yearly subscription or can be purchased separately for other subscription periods.

Still have a question? Reach out to us: info@ubsgroup.me